Hip Romance: Oriental Dance with Katalin Schafer - advanced belly dance online free hd quality
Genres: Drama
Time: 1 hour, 3 minutes
Year: 2015
Studio: World Dance New York
Director: Katalin Schafer

Hip Romance: Oriental Dance with Katalin Schafer - advanced belly dance online free

A sophisticated Oriental Dance instructional method developed by Hungary-based teacher Katalin Schafer , choreographer and celebrity dancer. Hip Romance: Oriental Dance with Katalin Schafer - advanced belly dance online. Traditional - Party full of sophisticated levels that are sleek, breathing with the magic of romance.Choreography combinations, and spiced with jazzy maneuvering becomes that are powerful.
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interesting concept. Hip Romance Oriental Dance with Katalin Schafer advanced belly dance good!!!..slow plot progress....bizarre ending....but, on the whole, was OK
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