Road to Your Heart download movie

IMDB 6.9
Genres: Romance / Adventure
Time: 1 hour, 56 minutes
Year: 2014
Studio: Kinonation
Director: Jaco Smit

Road to Your Heart download movie

Small businessman needs to get to Cape Area in 5 times for his fathers burial. Road to Your Heart download movie We. He also has to specific responsibilities that are accomplish his father designated in his will to him - for he wants help of the free- spirited young girl.
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WoW. Road to Your Heart download movie watch..
Now that I have seen it, Road to Your Heart watch online here! I am glad I stole it online. This movie doesnt deserve my money or yours.What a waste of time.Its star wars meets hunger games. Its awful. Once again! A clear and obvious male role has been castrated and turned into yet another stupid PC Bulls**t film.I dont know who this film is for?Its not for young adults, especially young adult males, because the main character is a teenage girl and the bad guy is a teenage boy who gets his a($$) handed to him.Its not for little kids as its not that innocent and has few G rated scenes.Its not for the 40 somethings because all it did for us is drag our childhoods through the dirt (i.e. The poor Millennium Falcon) and make us depressed.Its not for the "urban market" as the only main character who is a black guy is a helpless rescued by a fictionally empowered girl.Its s**t. Despite my initial grievances with making yet another failed movie, in my heart, I really thought Disney could fix this overly raped dead horse. I can see that I was clearly wrong, and my worst fears have come true.
Hollywood is so hard up for new movies they have to remake something? What a load of !
Great, funny movie that mocks the gay stereotypes, and many parts of it were filmed here, in Miami Beach, where I live. Road to Your Heart very good!!!
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