Movie Secret Lovers part 2-Nollywood African Movie online
Genres: Drama / Romance
Time: 1 hour, 12 minutes
Year: 2015
Studio: BSMG
Director: Unavailable

Secret Lovers part 2-Nollywood African Movie movie online

Feoma finds love love again when she met Kojo but genuine is that this love and how long can it last when Uju is around the games different side. Secret Lovers part 2-Nollywood African Movie on this page.......... You-cant quit to look at this hit.
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Directed by Danish filmmaker Susanne Bier (After the Wedding, Brothers, Open Hearts, Once in a Lifetime) from a screenplay written by Allan Loeb (the forthcoming New Amsterdam TV series), Things We Lost in the Fire is a realistic drama about a woman and her late husbands best friend attempting to recover from grief, loss, and, in his case, drug addiction. Given star turns by Halle Berry and Benicio Del Toro, both Oscar winners, Things We Lost in the Fire is a sure bet to grab some attention later this year and early next year as the awards season heats up. Unfortunately, strong performances by Berry and Del Toro wont be enough to make moviegoers and award committees from overlooking Things We Lost in the Fire story-based shortcomings.Things We Lost in the Fire opens soon after the tragic death of Brian Burke (David Duchovny). In flashbacks interspersed with the funeral and the aftermath, Brians wife, Audrey (Halle Berry), struggles with the enormity of losing her husband. Audreys two children, Harper (Alexis Llewellyn) and Dory (Micah Berry), are just as stunned by the loss of their father. Audrey invites Brians best friend, Jerry Sunborne (Benicio Del Toro), a down-and-out ex-lawyer with a drug habit, to the funeral. Audreys growing need for solace and companionship eventually dissolves her anger at Jerry, who she saw as an unnecessary distraction in Brians life. Impulsively, she invites Brian to move in to the unfinished garage where, Audrey hopes, to help Jerry clean up and get some semblance of normalcy. Audreys children begin to warm to Jerry as a surrogate father and friend, but Audreys feelings are far more complex and contradictory toward him.Implausible, improbable, problematic, and unconvincing, Things We Lost in the Fire is all that and more (or less, depending on your perspective). Its implausibly premised on an upper-middle class woman with two children living alone agreeing to take in her late husbands substance- and alcohol-abusing friend. If she lived alone, that might be more plausible, but with two small children, her maternal instinct to protect her children from the dangers, real and possible, in letting a virtual stranger live in her close proximity and have full run of her house. Plus, its hard to imagine a woman of Audreys social status taking in someone of Jerrys lowered social status in, regardless of her emotional needs at the time. Bier and Loeb use some sleight-of-hand to make the new living arrangement more acceptable to moviegoers dubious of the Things We Lost in the Fires contrived premise: neither Audrey nor Jerry have any other friends. Audrey has family, her mother and her late husbands family, but theyre not around much, meaning she doesnt have a support network in place to help her during the grieving and recovery process. Jerry, wed assume, would commiserate with other addicts, so what would stop him from either stealing Audreys possessions or having his friends over to party? Not much, except the needs of the Bier and Loeb to force characters from different social classes together for the duration of Things We Lost in the Fires running time as they move toward a trite (if, to be fair, unobjectionable) life lesson, Accept the Good. Sadly, all that implausibility and contrivance wastes compelling, engrossing performances from Berry and Del Toro. Berry has been criticized, not unjustly, for giving bland, uninspired performances in a series of sub-par films after her Oscar winning turn in Monsters Ball (e.g., Perfect Stranger, the X-Men trilogy, Gothika, Catwoman). Likewise, Del Toro tends to be better than the films hes appeared in after he won the Best Supporting Actor Academy Award for Traffic six years ago (e.g., 21 Grams, The Hunted). Although his mumbling speech pattern, exhausted appearance, and shuffling gait arent anything he hasnt done before (e.g., The Usual Suspects), its hard to imagine another actor playing Jerry and playing him as convincingly as Del Toro does here.
Strange, But interesting, the ending was crazy. definitely worth watching, ,-)
pretty good like lifetime movies
Yes its predictable with a story thats been used before but its a really funny movie. Jim really shows his comic genius.
At the beginning of the movie, I got the instant feeling that this was a satire of the *person goes to underprivileged schools and does good* trope. Secret Lovers part 2-Nollywood African Movie movie online watch.. Unfortunately, it takes it in an entirely silly direction. Not silly good, silly in the fact that you look at it and go Uhhh... wait, what? You always think the main character is a bit slow, and in an entirely serious way of wait, did they hire a mentally slow lady?. And then I started to wonder if she was a really dim Mary Poppins ripoff. What the hell is this movie?!?! Annnnddddd then it goes off an in entirely different direction. Who the hell wrote this holy hell!
:rotten:The Jacket was an interesting little psychological thriller. I was on a fun ride and then something towards the end killed it for me and I think it was that unrealistic little girl (Jackie) and I just couldnt buy the emotional conclusion... I dont know its fun all the way to the end, Secret Lovers part 2Nollywood African Movie watch online! for me atleast. I didnt mention it was similar to the Butterfly Effect, just its complete opposite.... and I liked Butterfly Effect better.
@cosmoruckaz I was just gonna say that! What cosmoruckaz said!
total waste of time, rubbish. Secret Lovers part 2Nollywood African Movie WoW!!!
Lovely, great subject for a kid to ponder over, with your help of course (death, finding your place in the world)
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