Dark Summer download movie

IMDB 4.2
Genres: Thriller / Horror
Time: 1 hour, 21 minutes
Year: 2015
Studio: IFC Midnight
Director: Paul Solet

Dark Summer download movie

Although home alone under arrest, a youngster undergoes a scary wash with all the great within this fashionable, hair-growing terror film costarring Peter Stormare. Dark Summer download movie on this page.
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I thought it was horrible. I love both actors and was expecting something very funny but this was not....I think some folks were laughing because it was just such akward humor...Dumb movie!! I hope reese is a lot pickier with her next role...
This is a great funny kids movie, with a good story. Some funny scenes with Doris Roberts and stars an SNL great Kevin Nealon. If you looking for a good family movie I recommand this one. I give this 60%, check it out!!!!!!
My Sisters Keeper was a beautiful movie. The acting was superb! Sofia Vassilieva was nothing short of incredible as the cancer-stricken character. The amount of emotion she was able to convey on screen could possibly be what made this movie so incredibly touching. Abigail Bresling puts on a magnificent performance as well. This movie was definitely a tearjerker but that was to be expected. The movie had the perfect amount of heartbreaking moments, it was by no means overly done. Just like the novel its a beautiful story about a very serious subject and it was beautifully crafted into a film adaptation.
this was better than part 1 !
That should be watched by everyone. Dark Summer download movie watch.. I cant understand why this beautiful country has to be reactive instead of proactive. Every company and every person who knowingly and intentionally poisoned the water supply and air of these towns and states and next major cities should be punished with jail and fines. All the more reason for the push to natural energy sources. This was horrific and forewarning as Ive known for years and have voted and participated against the expansion of fracking.
looks like its gonna be an incredible movie to watch
Fear not, however, as this reboot solidifies once and for all just who Jason is: a motivated killer with speed, strength, vision and a revenge streak that runs blackheart-deep. By firming up the details of his origin, establishing some supernatural elements (Hint: Jason is always really, really hard to kill.), and lending purpose to his body-mangling rampages, the film establishes firm ground for the characters mythos and makes him much scarier as a result. The team of producers Andrew Form and Brad Fuller and director Marcus Nispel, who combined to make the excellent Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, know what it takes to modernize and distill an iconic series down to its key elements. Here, they hone the character but keep the dark, playful spirit of the originals. Fans will instantly recognize and settle into the tone -- a wild, horrific ride thats meant to entertain The Killer Cut runs about nine minutes longer than the theatrical version. First and foremost, hard-core horror fans will be happy to see most of the kills punched up, with more gore added. This definitely helps some of the later kills in the film, which seemed rather mundane for a Friday movie, but here get more of that over-the-top Jason feel. A sex scene late in the film (if youve seen the movie, youll recall this was the stupendous scene) is also clearly prolonged, for those enjoying the T-and-A factor. Plotwise, the one main addition is a sequence involving a prisoner of Jason whose brief attempts to escape turn out to be much more detailed than what we saw in theaters. Also put back in is a moment glimpsed in some commercials, in which Jason sharpens his machete, while remembering what happened to his dear mother, Mrs. Voorhees. In short, the brunt of these additions offer more sex and violence, and lets face it, that will please most Friday fans. When it comes to delivering the goods when it comes to a film like this, the Killer Cut is an improvement.
A great movie, so why the need for the F word and the B word? My 9-year old and all the other kids out there are getting fed Transformers (even w/Burger King Kid Meals) by the marketing, so why are you putting profanity in the movie? Its a great movie, but then you spoiled it for all the kids and their parents. Dark Summer best!!! I dont think the teens or anybody would miss the profanity. A great movie speaks for itself. You really, REALLY, dont need to put in the garbage talk!!! I hope that when you put it out on DVD, you will put out a version that bleeps out the garbage talk so parents can, in good conscience, buy it for their kids. PLEASE!!!!!!
@Darthintrepid @JunoSkyra Thanks for the comments, went ahead and watched it. Such a cool little short film! Totally reminded me of the best of the old Twilight Zone television series. 8 minutes well spent. Very creepy. 10/10
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