Tony Austins 4 Life (aka 4 LIFE) movie online hd
Genres: Adventure / Action
Time: 1 hour, 19 minutes
Year: 2015
Studio: Lionsgate
Director: Tony Austin

Tony Austins 4 Life (aka 4 LIFE) movie online hd

Dayvon (Wood Harris) can be an accomplished street enforcer his companion, Ty (Page Kennedy) is jailed on the suspect charge. Tony Austins 4 Life (aka 4 LIFE) movie online hd here.
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i think all these step up movies are terrible, i watched 2 of them and its so not my cup of tea, but im sure there plenty of people that will like it
Raw, thought provoking, disturbing because its true.
Good family-workplace drama but not so much a comedy. George is fantastic as he usually is.
Before everyone starts going on about the rating on Rotten Tomatoes, yes I know, but it was a decent funny movie. Yes, it attempted to be the whole satire How I learned to Love the Bomb scheme, but it was effective in some areas, the others, not so much. War Inc. may be effective to the left-wing standpoint, but to everyone else in the end, you wonder if it was propoganda. Overall, the movies laugh factor was well developed and managed to be slick and witty, but other times it followed the same old formula of the liberal agenda, that somewhat turned me off from the film. However, for the sake of its creativity, humor and attempt I give it a sixty-five out of 100.The movie revolves around Brand Hauser (Cusack) a political hitman who goes all around the world to kill people who will or have meddeled in political affairs, he has a haunting past leaving him to take shots of hot sauce evertime he started to feel some form of human emotion. Well, he arrives in a fictional country of Turakistan in the future, which we went to war with and now are helping rebuild (hmmm...I wonder where they got that idea). He is assigned to kill a powerfull oil CEO and under the identity of the American Tradeshow supervisor occuring there he can get his chance to kill him during the marrige ceremony of a central asian pop star at the show, in the meantime he gets involved with a left wing journalist trying to get the truth on the war and deal with problems occuring at the tradeshow, sounds confusing? :up: This movie actually had potential to be a great satire, the movie at points was very funny, dark and support acting from everyone was neither repetitive nor annoying. The movie was a good length and the whole idea behined it is truly original. The whole story, everything followed a traditional left wing formula by the mid-ending, but the first half was quite different and enjoyable. :down: I understand hollywood itself is liberal, but this movie by the end reaches the zone of extreme left focusing primarly on anti-bush attacks and that made me a little uncomfterble. The director might have thought it was funny, but insulting the former president goes to an extent. Other than that, the movie has points where I felt wernt going to go anywhere and sometimes delievered the point stale, but with witty jokes and likable characters this was only a few (but MAJOR) issues that caused the film to get the sixty-five. :confused: Critics disliked it, and I think I understand why, the political attacks became too real and the dark comedy got way too dry, but the movie overall, works, just with a few glitches. Without the left wing agenda, this movie might have been anti-america (which can be funny) but when you start attacking people on the right things get iffy. Many left nuts might consider this a bible, but many right wing crazies will want to burn the movie by the end, overall the movie was tasteful, yet tasteless.
This one will probably get overlooked, movie online hd. sadly. I thought it was quite interesting.
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If you are prone to episodes of vertigo, Tony Austins 4 Life aka 4 LIFE watch online! skip this movie. I had motion sickness long before it was over, and I never get sick on carnival rides or long car rides. If theres an award for the worlds worst photography, this one should win easily. Even worse photography than the Blair Witch Project, if you can imagine something being worse than that. Jiggling, sudden motion side-to-side, swirl-arounds, almost constant movement of the picture. Makes it extremely difficult to see the limited number of special effects. The entire plot in one sentence: Girl who has been having weird experiences since the age of 8 is followed around the house for a couple of weeks by boyfriend with video camera who is trying to document evidence of paranormal activity. End of story. A few loud noises designed to startle you, one of two instances of a door moving, a couple of sleepwalking episodes, and one fairly decent special effect of footprints in baby powder. Not even worth the $4 matinee price for tickets.
Wow, I was so confused ... that must make it good! Nah Im just kidding. I really liked it a lot, but it does truly spin a convaluted tale. One that almost requires multiple viewings to understand. But I applaud the acting and ambitious directing.
THIS MOVIE WAS SO GOOD! I think ill go see it in theatres though. Tony Austins 4 Life aka 4 LIFE watch!!! You miss alot of the visual splendor in the cam. Part of this films draw is how beautifully its filmed. I think this one is worth paying for.
The score made me want to stick an icepick in my eardrums. Seriously, Its almost migraine inducing. I mean I understand its not supposed to be lighthearted, given the story, but sheesh. Actually in hindsight I guess it was quite fitting! It did have some impressive visuals and beautiful cinematography.
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