Movie Tony Austins 4 Life (aka 4 LIFE) online
Genres: Adventure / Action
Time: 1 hour, 19 minutes
Year: 2015
Studio: Lionsgate
Director: Tony Austin

Tony Austins 4 Life (aka 4 LIFE) movie online

Dayvon (Wood Harris) is an accomplished road enforcer his closest friend, Ty (Site Kennedy) is imprisoned over a suspect charge. Tony Austins 4 Life (aka 4 LIFE) high-resolution.
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Superman Returns is the re-make and newest verion of the old Superman Returns played by Christopher Reeves as Superman. In the new version, Superman is played by Brandon Routh. The main plot is that Superman has return from his journey five years ago, to find Krypton to see if it even still existed only to find himself empty handed. He comes back to the world been changed and that Lois Lane is married with a boy. From then, the movie goes through the trials of Superman trying to win back Lois Lane while trying to save the world from his arch rival, Lex Luthor. At first, when I saw the trailer of Superman during one of the previews at the threatres, I thought it was awesome and really good seeing how the trailer was playing over and over again. So, I decided to go along with my friends to go to see one night, only to find at the end of the movie, it was really not so great, but it still was interesting and CG was amazing. The plot itself was not so great and it is really lame with almost same plot as the original movie but the characters were very colorful and well developed. I enjoy the movie as much as one can, as it is kinda boring yet at the same time, it was overall good movie to watch. You have to see it yourself to decide whether it was good movie or not, as many people have different thoughts and opinions. Well, I have to say that it was above average movie with sub-par plot, interesting characters, and good CG.
For some odd reason, Gran Torino helped me discover the world of Clint Eastwood. And for the most part....its a rather good start. New Review Coming Soon.
The Bank Job works better as a character drama than a sterotypical bank heist flick that the title would suggest. Theres more intrigue in its characters than it its technique used to rob Lloyds bank. After a few uninteresting, political jargon filled scenes, the movie starts to take shape when we are introduced to Terry played charismatically by Jason Statham (The Transporter, Crank). He is a desperate man plagued by a troublesome marriage and thoughts of infidelity. When Martine, his former flame, offers him a lucrative role in a bank robbery he accepts. Whether he wants a better life for his family or just wants to get closer to Martine is left ambiguous. I suspect a bit of both. The plan itself is perfect in its simplicity (those Oceans robberies always seemed ridiculous). In fact its a plan a first grader would devise, dig a tunnel to the bank basement and collect the loot. The big problem here is that they dont know they are robbing security boxes filled with corrupt government officials kidnapping ransom photos, an added twist that sets it apart from previous crime capers I have seen lately. The depth of the film is revealed with the moral dilemma presented to those who have the authority to punish those responsible. Condemn the bank robbers? The kidnappers? Both? Everything unravels nicely as director Roger Donaldson avoids the usual cliches but still keeps plausibility intact. What brings The Bank Job down a little bit are the political scenes where Im sure the viewer is reminded of a C-Span debate they instantly skip with a simple touch of a remote control . I do understand that this is used to set up the dangerous nature later on but a little more flair and style is needed. Also there are some 1970s anachronisms and some questionable British accents that bother me. Other than a few missed opportunities, The Bank Job stands out as one of the more ambitious films of 2008 and also as an impressive entry to the genre. Overall Rating 7.3 out of 10
Good Sci-Fiction flick! The thriller story telling is well done and the acting solid, James Cromwell (Canter,old) is brilliant as usual, he was in I robot too, movie online. played a great mad scientist! 7/10
I tried to watch this movie 2 other times but never finished because it was so slow, but i finally watched it all the way through and it was good. Tony Austins 4 Life (aka 4 LIFE) movie online watch..
The problem with screener copies is not with us watching them but with the person who ripped the DVD most contain a hidden code or watermark in the VOBs that needs to be striped or cropped out during the conversion to mp4 the watermark like code hidden in the video file identifies the person who received the screener. This is the reason we dont see as many screeners being leaked its getting harder and harder to not get caught
Kingdom of Heaven was a long movie, but what do you expect? Those big epic movies tend to be very long. Anyway, the storyline seemed to be stretched, to make room for the battle scenes. I was getting tired of the movie, probably because I was watching it late. Was the theatre crowded?: It had alot of people, but there were still some spaces. (Hitchhikers Guide was crowded :D ) Number of walkouts: 7 Number of times I yawned: 8 What I did after the movie: Went home. What I did before the movie: my mom bought me the book sequel to The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. After that we ate alot of sushi. I recomend this movie to the dudes who love big epic action, and to their girlfriends who like Orlando Bloom.
this was the worst movie i have every seen . Tony Austins 4 Life aka 4 LIFE good!!! save your time and your money. bad from begining to the crappy end.
this looks really good!!
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