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IMDB 4.9
Genres: Science Fiction / Thriller / Horror
Time: 1 hour, 36 minutes
Year: 2015
Studio: Phase 4 Films (USA), LLC
Director: Mark Hartley

Patrick download movie

In this Foreign terror flick a sinister change is, taken by a new nurseis fascination in a isolated psychiatric unit, with a braindead individual. Patrick on this page.
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i love this movie so much. it is my favorite movie now. i luv it!! anybody who hasnt seen needs to see it. it is awesome just like me. i love selena gomez. she can sing and is so pretty. i luv her music and everything about her. Selena gomez, ur awesome and i am your biggest fan. you should really have a concert. i want to see you in real life and listen to you sing. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : D
Oh man this isnt funny. Its borderline a disaster. Even in the bloopers Justin Timberlake is wondering what the fuck he is doing. My rating seems a little generous.
I felt 5 just watching this.The songs are cute but they lasted, Patrick,they quite literly lasted,5 SECONDS.There goes literly any redeeming quality in this movie watsoever.My friends were laughing,so I laughed because they were aquardly staring at me.Not bad,watchable,but you are NOT going to enjoy it.There was only one full lenght song in that movie.And the fat chipet freaked me out.
Not as good as the first one...they should of left at alone after part 1.... would not watch again...same ol shizznit with same ol cheesy graphics
A week before seeing Watchmen, I read Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons groundbreaking 1985 graphic novel and its a good thing I did because it helped me gain some perspective on the insane buzz surrounding the movie. Originally, the trailers did nothing for me. If anything, they completely frustrated me. I couldnt understand why I knew so little about Watchmen. I actually found myself probing friends for bits of information about the concept, the novel, all the marketing etc... So, with the March 6th premiere quickly approaching, I finally decided to read the graphic novel and if there is only one thing that everyone should take from this review, it should be this: Read the Watchmen graphic novel. Ill tell you out right: its going to be a commitment and its not the easiest thing to read but you will love it. Plus, in my opinion, only after reading the novel, can Zack Snyders interpretation fully be appreciated.However, with such great source material and the abundance of hype surrounding the project, I left the theater completely on the fence and still now, Im not completely convinced I liked it.To describe the very general overview of Watchmen is simple: The story follows a group of aging masked heros led by Rorchach (Jackie Earle Haley) as they try to solve the murder of one of their own, The Comedian (Jeffery Dean Morgan) while they get inadvertently tangled up into the impending Russian/American nuclear war. To go any deeper would literally require timelines, charts, family trees and laser pointers.Billy Crudup plays Dr. Manhattan (the blue guy), the only super-hero of the group whom after an accident can see through time and space and alter objects with the flick of a hand. Patrick Wilson, Malin Akerman and Matthew Goode portray Nite Owl, Silk Specter and Adrian Viedt respectively. Unfortunately with the exception of Haleys Rorchach, none of the actors seemed all that invested in the plot. The characters themselves are so well supported by flashbacks that you would think that this would the easy part but each of them ended up playing the parts, in my opinion half assedly. Especially Goode. Which was really disappointing since his character Viedt plays such a prominent role in the conclusion of the film.The acting is where I think the film suffered the most however the complexity of the story and the random nature of many of its elements didnt help. Just the sheer volume of stuff packed into the novel would be difficult to interpret let alone the characters and flashbacks. There are moments that just didnt make the transition from pulpy graphic novel to the screen - more specifically, the entire last half. I found myself utterly enthralled in the story of the masked heros until it delved deeper into the international tensions between Russia and America. The movie played like a superhero movie with political and social undertones. The graphic novel is the complete inverse so when David Hayter and Alex Tses screenplay made it to film, a lot of the defining elements were lost. The unfortunate casualty to this is the conclusion that seems so ridiculously out of context.It also doesnt help that Alan Moore, writer of the Watchmen graphic novel, didnt want anything to do with the adaptation going so far as to say that it is inherently unfilmable. He doesnt appear in the credits and I believe he has even said that he wants nothing to do with any royalties that come from the film.Stylistically however, Zack Snyder hit the Watchmen nail on the head. The opening historic montage introducing the Watchmen is awesome. Set to Bob Dylans Times They are a Changin its almost reason enough to pay to see the movie. Using Dave Gibbons comic panels for reference, Snyder imbued the film with such a great look and his unique visuals that he popularized with 300. Picking up the graphic novel after the movie, I could really tell that every little detail from the set design to the strategically located photos and newspaper headlines were included. Die hard fans, Im sure mustve gotten a kick out of this. Added to this the fact that they didnt shy away from making it brutally violent and explicitly sexual. There are many squeamish moments and a few things that happen in the movie that will have you leaning into your buddy asking did they really just show that?!.The bottom line: 6/10. All in all a superb visual adaptation of an incredibly immense story. A good movie but certainly not great. Story elements were lost in translation, it dragged in places, download movie. and unfortunately it didnt live up to the immense hype that was a year in the making. Maybe Im being too harsh. Maybe its because I keep comparing the movie to the novel or maybe in the end I really did get caught up in the buzz but I was expecting more from Watchmen.
Woo Hoo! Finally! Ive been waiting since November to see this!
@homelessdude2005 Well, Patrick watch online here! I did give this film 10 of my minutes, but it was so unpleasant, and I couldnt wait till anything Lovecraftian appeared. If Solarians recommend to continue, Ill give it another try!
LMAO...this movie had bad acting horrible writing, yet with all the death and mayhem, I could not help but stay at the edge of my seat enjoying every bloody second of it.
Despite a disappointing run at the box office, and some negative reviews The Soloist delivers some tearjerkers and bluntly funny moments. Patrick good!!! While Jamie Fox is the talk of this movie and does a surely genius job, Robert Downey Jr. stole the stage on this one for me, but that was no surprise. Inspired by a true story the duo of Fox and Jr. give me the privilege of saying TWO THUMBS UP!
(***): A very entertaining costume drama. Good cast and cinematography.
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