Seymour: An Introduction download movie

IMDB 7.6
Genres: / Documentary
Time: 1 hour, 21 minutes
Year: 2015
Studio: Sundance Selects
Director: Ethan Hawke

Seymour: An Introduction download movie

Match Bernstein: a virtuoso pianist, frequent New Yorker, and true original who gave an effective concert vocation up to show music. Seymour: An Introduction download movie on this page.
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Pitch-black comedy and touching drama. A real schizophrenic. I like movies with many insane, damaged, but lovable characters. I like movies with strong, serious emotions mixed cleverly with oddball humor. I like ensemble casts that make the movie twice as good just by virtue of working well together. I really liked Running with Scissors. I can see how some people dislike the uneven pace and the over-the-top elements of the movie, but I think even these mis-steps fit well into the atmosphere of the story. Running with Scissors should not be missed by any fan of black comedies or ensemble dramadies like The Royal Tenenbaums.
Johnny Depp has been so fabulous in many roles....this is not one. Most in part due to a very weak script. I am surprised after reading this script he took the job.From beginning to end, the script is shallow an offers little connection to the audience. There is no character development. I never felt any connection to any character. My husband and I ended up having a good time because we were laughing constantly at the one liners that came off so unbelivable it seemed almost to be a Saturday Night Live spoof on a real movie. I appologized to my husband for suggesting this film. I am a big Johnny Depp fan....he isnt, he just came along for the ride and what a looong and disappointing ride it was.
Daawww . . thought thered be linkies by now :(
Truly inspirational.
Fantastic. Pitt is hilarious!
@hollandann yes pls tell us how ya really feel. Seymour: An Introduction download movie At least its a DVD thats a plus Right? Good Audio Good Video. So sorry dont shoot the poor Penguin! yeah its not a very good watch, but its FREE! Cheers...
cool movie from japan :)
Solid and a little thought provoking, but nothing toooo exciting here. Seymour An Introduction best!!!
Last review is for the crime thriller Lord Of War, when I first saw the amazing poster for this film I knew I wanted to see it, When it finally got its release here in Australia I missed it and when I saw it at the video store the other day I had to rent it too see if my anticipation hasnt been wasted and when I finally saw it I was blown away because this is a really good movie and deserves to be seen. The movie is about Yuri Orlov an arms dealer who becomes one of the biggest arms dealers on the planet and when you get to such a massive status you can only fall back down, while trying to hide what he is doing from his family and his wife and child he has a Interpol agent on his tale who will do nothing to stop him and bring him down. The acting is very good in this film, I was amazed that I enjoyed Nicolas Cages performance because of late I have not been a fan of his at all, Bridget Moynahan is a beautiful actress and here I loved her as a failed actress but also a loving mother, Jared Leto is another underrated actor who is once again good as Nicolas younger brother who is out of control, Ethan Hawke is in a smaller role but delivers the goods as the interpol agent and lastly Ian Holm is in a smaller role but when on screen I believe he bought a class to this film. This film isnt a massive action packed film, it is more about the rise and fall of Yuri and what he will do to get the girl of his dreams to marry him, this film is highly intense at some points of the film and had me on the edge of my seat, most of the intense points are when Yuri is selling his guns to crazy dictators and even at one stage a cannibal son or a crazy dictator, still this film had some really intense scenes. There is something I got to mention it is the opening scene of a bullet being made and traveling from the factory it is made to the clip of the gun, I thought this long shot of it going on an adventure and ending up in a kids head was quiet an amazing sequence, this is one of the better openings in a film I have seen, I just loved how the bullet goes from getting made then into a gun in the middle or a war then killing a poor kid, just one of the sequences to watch. This is a character study and I thought this film was a great and under watched film, this is one of the films that deserved to be seen and it didnt get its due, but still to those who are wanting to see I say see this film because it is a great little gem that I can see getting a cult starus in the future, it just needs word of mouth to help it out a little bit. Lastly a great action, crime thriller, this is film is highly underrated, a film that deserves to be seen more, this is one of the big suprises I have had the pleasure of watching, the acting is fantastic and the story is mighty fine, a great little film that I highly recommend to those who want something different, give it ago cause it is worth it in the end.
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